How The Herbs And Spices In Your Kitchen Cupboard Can Help Build Your Immune System

The use of herbs is becoming more and more popular in our daily lives. Herbal remedies have always been used throughout mankind’s history but somewhere in the early eighteen-century we learnt about “drugs” and people stopped using them. But now, once again, we are turning to herbs to sustain us in our daily lives.

Many people are looking to natural remedies rather than conventional medicine for a wide variety of reasons, the fact that they have become much more readily available, from special teas to tablets and capsules as well as growing your own.

When it comes to maintaining a strong immune system, herbs are the perfect solution as they are particularly beneficial, both in terms of adding flavour to your meals and promoting good health.

Here I have chosen 4 common herbs for building up your immune system.

Cilantro, Rosemary, Pepper and Turmeric, which are more then likely laying in the back of your cupboard, anyway.


This herb is used to flavour many dishes, especially salsa (the oil of this plant is used to flavour Gin). A little known secret that research has revealed is that Cilantro can kill food poisoning bacteria.

The scientists have identified a compound called dodecenal in the fresh leaves and seed that kills harmful salmonella bacteria. Dodecenal has been found to be twice as effective as the gentamicin, which is a commonly used antibiotic drug used to fight salmonella.


This is a well-know culinary herb, which is used to flavour stews, meat, soup and fish. Rosemary has one very redeeming feature that is not so well know and that is its remarkable ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage. Another benefit of this herb is that in use in our diet, boots the functioning of the liver and it can act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling.


Next time you are out for a meal and the waiter comes round and says” would you like some pepper” The answer is “yes, please” The reason is that pepper is able to enhance the absorption of nutritional supplements in your body.

This is due to an ingredient that pepper contains called “piperine”

Digestion and more importantly, absorption, are key factors in whether your body is well nourished. What you eat is very important but what your body is able to absorb is a lot more important.

Piperine has also been found to enhance the actions of curcumin which research has linked to having anti-cancer properties.


A bright yellow spice that is so popular in Indian food. This spice has antioxidant properties that help fight disease very much like an aspirin does.

For example, Turmeric is thought to be responsible for inhibiting inflammation and tissue damage in the gut, as well as fighting the common cold.

So you see, by using a few well know herbs and spices, you will be able to fight against the trap of ill health and the depressing prospect of endless courses of ever-more potent antibiotics. Use these herbs to strengthen your immune system against harmful bacteria and viruses. Herbs: strategies for good health.